Project 20ne – DIYs

Paul & Tiffany 226

It has been a delightful 5 months since the wedding 🙂 I think we make a great tag team! While I am still sorting our my DIYs, I lost of the photos from my other SD card. Major booohoo! Nonetheless, here are some of the items we made for the wedding, taken by the professional photographer on the wedding day. I’ll save my dress for another post.

Paul & Tiffany 006This is our ang pao (red packet/money packet) box, my husband’s project. It is made from an A4 paper box (main structure), corrugated board for the roofs, wooden scraps fro the fence and dried flowers/fish tank gravel for decorations.

Paul & Tiffany 007We also customized our own hashtag. Chalk board paint on a whiteboard from Daiso. The husband made the icons using acrylic paint and cardboard.

Paul & Tiffany 008The ring holder made by my maid of honour and myself. Never fancied a pillow and she suggested using flowers and the eiffel tower. We bought a basket of a suitable size, cut the green floral sponge to fit the basket, used floral wires to attach the towers on the sponge and arranged our own selection of artificial flowers on it. We had to redo this project because we did not weave the lace to conceal the green sponge before placing it in.

Paul & Tiffany 009

Paul & Tiffany 010This was a DIY project from long time ago. The husband painted an old lime plant white. We called it Project White Tree then. We made use of card that we didn’t want, fabric scraps, some ribbons and made our own bookmark with some of our favourite quotes printed at the back. You can find some of these templates online and they make very easy gifts for any occasions.

Paul & Tiffany 025Since it was a picnic-affair, I designed this for the solemnization table. We collected glass bottles of various sizes, painted them in white with acrylic paint and decided on cheery gerberas for a simple arrangement.

Paul & Tiffany 037The husband also made the arch using bamboo poles which are secured in a tin (1 for each leg) filled with cement. The lace was bought from Ikea. The heart was a random decoration we bought.

Paul & Tiffany 043Last minute make shift vases using paper bags. This was unplanned but quite pretty, aren’t they?

Paul & Tiffany 056The lego boutonnieres! I assembled some lego bricks (we wanted something colourful yet represents us, or rather the groom) and leftover flowers from the ring holder, and followed the instructions from Adventures in Dressmaking . She also had an impressive DIY wedding.

Paul & Tiffany 265And finally our cake toppers. Tutorial coming soon!

One thought on “Project 20ne – DIYs

  1. Juliet says:

    So cute! I love how pretty and colourful your decor was, it’s so effective! And great inspiration here too – I’ve got a friend getting married next month and she’s so indecisive about decor…. I think we’re going to be running around like crazy ladies the day before, so I’m going to keep this blog post in mind. Thanks for sharing!

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