The Prada Dress

The Inspiration
I acquired this absolutely gorgeous Venice lace, or Prada lace as the boss calls it, from Arab Street some time back. I did not have that ah-ha moment but I knew what I want to make the moment I saw the fabric.

The Dress
It is a basic shift dress with basic sleeves, aligned to the scalloped hems of the lace. Nothing fancy to compete with the gorgeous lace.

The Fabric
These suppliers are so smart to name the fabrics after big names – french dior, prada lace, miu miu lace, chanel tweed – just because they are so similar to those that debut on the runway. So what exactly is Prada lace? I don’t think there’s such thing as Prada lace and these are the not exact ones from the Prada supplier. I believe these are from Italy (if genuine) and they are called Venice lace. Venice lace is sturdier than the French ones. It is well explained here.

Prada also debut these lace on their Fall’08 show, which is when they are known as Prada lace.

Please exercise caution when shopping for Venice lace. There are imitation in the market, at around $20/m. They are thinner and flimsier, and not made in Italy, possibly Indonesia or China.

(Images from and Prada LookBook)

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