Sewing my own gown is like pregnancy. It’s an indescribable feeling. Seeing how the gown takes shape, from research to conceiving of the design to it taking shape. I really feel like crying at every milestone of its progress. I have been updating bite-sizes of the dress’s progress on other platforms. It took about 4 nights to for the bodice to take shape. 3 initially, until I noticed a small blunder but that was rectified quickly.

The skirt took more time than I expected. I thought it could be completed in a night, but 2 nights had passed and I’m only half way there. Well, I planned to sew a simple, straight-forward flare skirt. After serging and tidying up the satin lining, I realized that I had forgotten to take the scallop hem into consideration.



The flare skirt has a curved hem, while my scallops are straight, on the selvage. The scallops were pretty to have so it was tough to decide to include them or not. After arranging the satin millions of times to accomodate the lace and hem, I decided to add on the scallops as a separate piece.

IMG_5953Very beautiful hems of the lace

While working on attaching the scallop hems, I still had to work on attaching the straight scallops onto a curved hem. The initial idea was to include even the floral motifs that stem from the scallops. It was a disaster as there were too much excess fabric in between and they just didn’t fall nicely. Then I have to face the reality. I had a feeling right from the start that this is the only way out, but was avoiding it at all cost so that I can save on some extra work. Solution is: cut out the scallops and sew it onto the skirt individually. Yes i.n.d.i.v.i.d.u.a.l.l.y.



Alright, I told myself. Then as I arranged and pinned them in place, these delicate little pieces were too soft to handle. I could have tagged them but I used fabric glue to attach each scallop onto the skirt instead.


The glue also provided some form of support after it dried which will be very helpful when I hand sew them in place. Voila!


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