Project 20ne

Wow, time flies and it’s now April already. I must admit I haven’t been very productive and all I had sewed this year is one cheongsam for the Chinese New Year. It’s not that I don’t have the time to, but the energy. I guess I am still getting used to my new job and all I want to do when I reach home is just to stone. Anyhows, I’ve procrastinated enough and finally started sewing the wedding dress. Gosh, it’s making me very excited!!! Ever since I picked up dress-making 3 years ago, it has been a dream to sew my own dress. There’s a superstitious saying that the bride should not sew her own wedding gown because it brings along a life of hardship. It does’t bother me because I don’t believe in such myths. IMG_5942 Some time last year, my sew-mate and I went crazy buying wedding magazines. I even bought some from France and Germany while I was there last year. We browsed through countless magazines, tore down pages with designs that we like and kept them very neatly in a file. Very often, I will be distracted by something else that caught my eye. After sometime, I found my style – lace, tulle, boat/normal neckline, tea-length. I made some sketches based on the ideas I gathered and finally decided on the design.

After the fiancé proposed, I was given the license to shop for the materials! I knew that I will be wearing a lace dress and lace is not very easy to shop for. You can read about it over here. I went to our usual supplier, saw some really beautiful laces but nope, they didn’t scream “I’M THE ONE!!!” nor “BUY ME!!!”.

IMG_3886the only lace that caught my eye at the supplier’s

I also combed the entire Arab St to no avail either. Then lo and behold, when we were in Bandung last August, to cut the long story short, I found a piece of lace that all of us fancied at the fiancé’s family friend’s shop!!! And best of all, it came free!!!!! Yes FREEEE!!! Since it came free, the budget of my gown is now reduced from SGD 200 to SGD50.





As much as I would love to update on the progress of the wedding dress, I want to save the final look for the big day. I’ll be updating as much as exclusivity allows me to but I’ll be definitely sharing the DIY projects.


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