Hello 2013!

It has been a while long since I last posted. In between the Fall Dress and now, I submitted my FYP, graduated and already started teaching. I’m settling in well in my new school and very thankful for the people around me. While revising for exams, running all the errands and making sure that I made full use of my last holiday, I also had to keep sewing. It may be my last sewing break! I have been making new dresses, but no time or occassion to photograph them nicely. I made a lemon zesty princess shift for a wedding I attended in Decemeber,

IMG_4451 a Parisian peplum which is a little short for my already-very-short torso, another Parisian number,

IMG_4653 a snow flake Christmas dress, and

IMG_4762 2 samples for my wedding dress!!! Yes I’m making my own wedding dress!! As exciting as it sounds, I’m way behind schedule for the wedding dress. It was suposed to be all sampled in December. I may be making a couple more samples to test out a few more cuttings and I should be all ready to make the real thing!

2012 had been a fruitful year. I will sum up my brief experience sewing with Sew Weekly in another post. With all the wedding plans and my work coming up, 2013 will be spent on wedding projects and very possibly work clothes. I will keep my blog updated as frequently as I can!

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