The “Falling For You” Dress

The Inspiration
This week’s theme at SewWeekly is Fall Palette. My interpretation for the theme is rather literal, I decided to wear fall. Yes, falling leaves in autumn! Besides, the fiancé and I celebrate our special day this week so that calls for an occasion for a new dress.

The Dress
With such a busy print, I opted for a simple silhouette: shift dress with a slight flare. It is also work/teacher-friendly which adds on to my working wardrobe. Well, I wasn’t very happy with how it looked when I first pieced the dress together. I thought it was too stiff, and flat (READ: boring). Thankfully the end result didn’t look that bad after I paired it with a belt.

The dress is fully lined, concealed, with the bust darts were folded instead to give a little more space to move. It’s also possible to fold the waist darts if it is not a shift dress. Folded darts are slightly more comfortable as it is less restrictive.

The Fabric
It is purchased from one of my favourite local stores at Chinatown which I love to frequent once every few weeks to get hold of some freshly imported fabric when I wasn’t on self-imposed shopping ban. This is a piece of slightly stretchable cotton in the sweetest palette for fall.


3 thoughts on “The “Falling For You” Dress

  1. Mag says:

    Hi! I just came across your blog and I love the clothes you make. May I know which shop you got this fabric from? I love these types of cloth but I never know where to look for them.

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