The “Feeling Blue” Dress

The Inspiration
I have been missing France, missing Paris. I can’t help but feel blue at the thought of it. Besides reminiscing through instagram, I decided to wear my favourite city. With all the feeling ‘blue’ and colour theme of my fabrics, you should have guessed the theme for this week’s challenge at Sew Weekly.

The Dress
I chose a sweetheart neckline. The cliché, if you get it, is unintended. The skirt is the tricky part. As the words run perpendicular to the selvage, it took me a while to decide if it should be cut on bias. Straight in your face or the arty-farty less obvious orientation. I choose the latter.

After drafting out the skirt, I conveniently cut out two quarters (of a circle), instead of 1 quarter for the front and 2 eighths for the back. This leaves me with a seam down the centre front if I were to attach the zip down the centre back which I always do. As I insist that prefer back zips, I pinned the bodice to the skirt just to double confirm how the seam down the centre front would affect the aesthetics of the ensemble. It turned out to be quite hideous so I had to resort to side zips. That means being extra careful with the hair and makeup when I wear the dress.

There were extra fabric so I made interfacings and bias tapes to go with the Parisian theme as well.

The Fabric
What I really enjoy about being able to sew is the part where I manage the fabric – both the prints, colours and type. You decide exactly what fabric and colour(s) to use, what kind of prints – from your favourite florals to city maps, as long as you dare to wear it. I rummaged through my stash of fabrics to retrieved all my Paris/France-themed numbers. They are all cotton and happen to be blue of some sort. I stared hard at them and finally picked the less loud of the lot and matched it with a navy silk linen blend. I am not that brave to wear the entire Paris on myself yet, thus an introductory street names/attractions de Paris. Let’s see, among those featured, I’ve been to Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Lourve, Musée d’Orsay, Notre Dame, Parc du Champ de Mars, et Rue di Rivoli. You can find them here!

Signing off with a clearer view of the sweetheart neckline and missing Paris even more!


One thought on “The “Feeling Blue” Dress

  1. May says:

    Cute dress! Looks well made too. Paris is a lovely city….especially worth visiting for all the sweet macaroon treats!
    May x

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