The “Tissue Pouch” Dress

The Inspiration
This is not a new dress I made. I blogged about it very briefly here. It was Mad for Plaid on Sew Weekly two weeks ago but I did not participate because I didn’t have a suitable fabric. Self-imposed ban on fabric shopping only allows me to use up fabric from the stash. Still, I want to share with you one of my favourite dress. Other than the special event I wore the dress to, the dress is significant to me because it is my first ‘praactice’ dress. The first time I made a dress on my own! I completed by beginner’s course at Kadomay, made 2 skirts, 1 blouse and 1 dress and it was time to practice and revise the techniques. So here it is!

The Dress
A simple round neck and a-line skirt, nothing fancy. The only modifications I did to the basic block was to add in the gathers at the neckline.

The Fabric
The boyf and I went fabric shopping because I wanted to make him a tissue pouch. He picked this for the pouch and then requested for a ‘matching’ dress. I have no idea why he wants me to have a dress that match his tissue pouch, but that was his request. I didn’t want the entire dress to be made from the plaid so I matched it with a plain black cotton.

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