The “I <3 Sewing" Dress

The Inspiration
Just because I need want a new dress.

The Dress
Since I wanted something new really quickly, I had to use a simple pattern. I quickly decided on the neckline I want and made use of my multi-pattern (which is not in a very pristine condition). That saves time on drafting a brand new pattern. This is the first time making a V-neck and I’m mightily pleased with how it turned out. The dimensions are perfect. The skirt is a straightforward rectangle gathered skirt which I’ve made many times.

You can try Burda’s Tank Dress or any other pattern with a desired neckline and a gathered skirt.

The Fabric
The print says it all. I’m wearing my hobby!!! Walking the talk 🙂 I got it from a local craft store, and it didn’t come cheap. I assumed that it is more for quilting and crafting rather than dress-making, hence the price (more than SGD10/m). Still, I can’t resist such a pretty piece of cotton.

The Blunder
This is one of the fastest and neatest dress that I’ve made so far. My only complain is the uneven interfacing. It was done in a rush, my bad, and the first time with a V-neck. I will try harder next time!


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