Fall’12 Colours by Pantone

Albeit late, but here’s the colours for Fall 2012 by Pantone. It is rather vibrant combination with honey GOLD, pink FLAMBE, tangerine TANGO, and BRIGHT chartreuse, contrasted by the muted hues like Titanium, Rhapsody and Rose Smoke. Besides Tangerine Tango, the colour of the year which I obviously adore, here are some of my other favourites from this season.

French Toast. Besides the word french (which I’m obviously biased towards), this colour is the first that calls out to me. It is a rich warm shade of brown with the right amount of darkness to it, perfectly roasted. It reminds me of my favourite dark chocolate. As much as I am drawn towards the colour brown especially in my makeup stash, I do not own a brown number in my wardrobe. Time to sew something!

Rose Smoke is for the romantic. I like the fact that it is not the in-your-face type of romantic pink. It’s gentle, secretive, hiding behind a smokey veil. For the feminine, not girly.

Ultramarine Green. This colour is so full of vibrance and character. I always thought that green is not an easy colour to pull off but this is not one of those shades. Because it speaks so much, it will look great on a basic shift dress with an exposed metal zip down the centre back.


Well it’s time to go through my huge stash of fabric and see if I own any of these.

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