The “Tang-erine-o à Paris” Dress

The Inspiration
I have been on the hunt for a suitable shade of Tangerine and it’s no easy feat. My skin colour has yellow undertones and I am not fair. Any shades that has yellow undertones are big nono because they will rob off all glow away from me! So I am more particular about the shade rather than the material this time round. So why Tangerine? It is one of the featured in Pantone’s Fashion Colour for Spring 2012 which we had to use for the Pantone Challenge. Initially I planned to use french dior in starfish from my stash, or to buy a really lovely piece of cotton lace in cockatoo. However, since Tangerine is crowned the colour of the year, it gives me additional months to embrace such spirited colour (Pantone, 2012).

The Dress
I knew I want a sleeveless midi dress the very moment I saw the colour and touched the fabric. I don’t want a plain boring bodice so I picked Colette’s Sorbetto with a pleat down the center front, and drafted a V-neck for the back for a change. The skirt is a rectangle skirt, which is very useful when you want something horribly simple, yet un-plain.

Not a very flattering photo of the back

The Fabric
The boss told me it’s peach skin but I doubt so because it is not ‘furry’ to the touch. Besides the lack of ‘fur’, it is very much like the fabric is used for my red toga. No need to line, weighty and breathable! Best part is that it costs only SGD3 (or is it SGD4)/metres at Arab Street.

To cut the long story short, I chose Sorbetto with the panel down centre front so that I can install my buttons and it was a tough choice between the vintage Marc Jacobs inspired boutons or the cute wooden Eiffel. Now that I’m experiencing Europe/France withdrawal syndrome, it is no longer difficult to decide!

Just had to end the post off with a picture WITH the Eiffel.

8 thoughts on “The “Tang-erine-o à Paris” Dress

  1. Sassy T says:

    That looks really nice. I made a skirt out of a peach it feels silky and smooth, so not furry, and it doesn’t crease. It was a pain to sew with until I learned that I needed a microtex needle. Fabric comes in all guises, cotton is a prime example. When I look at some RTW items I am surprised that some are 100 % cotton.

    • YX says:

      Thanks Sassy! I had one that was slightly more textured, and feels really like peach skin. I really love the fact that it doesn’t crease, as easily. Ah yes, very important to have a set of good pins for pining and microtex needle on the machine too. I can’t agree more! When I first started sewing, I thought cotton was just…cotton. I love to sew with cotton and cotton blends, and am so glad there’s such a great variety of them. Generally easy to sew and easy to wear 🙂

    • YX says:

      Thanks Stacey! You should try it. The bodice is made from a fairly simple pattern and the skirt requires no pattern at all.

    • YX says:

      Thanks Sertyan! It took me very long to look for the perfect shade. Yup and I super love the buttons. You should try making one with your favourite buttons/buttons that represent your favourite things too!

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