Tissus en Paris

Hello sunny très chaud Singapour! The weather has been unbearably hot and I’m totally missing Europe. The weather on my last day in Paris was perfect and it was spent at Montmarte.  The main purpose of revisiting Montmarte is fabric shopping which is beautifully expensive in Paris. The closest Metro station is Anvers. Once you exit the station, walk towards Sacre-Coeur. When you come to a “T-junction” with a carousel at the foot of Sacre-Coeur, turn right. You will see the two giants: Marché Saint-Pierre and Tissus Reine.

First stop: Marché Saint-Pierre which is well-stocked with five stories worth of fabric, ranging from cotton, to silk to chiffon to satin, to upholstery ETC. Fabrics for apparels are mainly concentrated on first three stories. Prices range from 2€ (coupons) to 100€ and above for la dentelle. On the 2nd floor, they have a little corner providing laces and all kinds of fabrics for wedding gowns. Laces are and can be very pricey, starting from 50€. The minimum length you can ask for is 0.5m. If you are looking for patchwork fabrics, they have quite an extensive collection at the back of the ground floor, from about 8€/m.

Dreyfus Déballage du Marché Saint Pierre
2 rue Charles Nodier – F75018 PARIS – France

Next stop: Tissus Reine. Fabrics for apparel are mainly on the ground floor, some wool and towel material and lots of notions on the 1st floor. If you are looking for fabric from Liberty, this is where you should go! I can’t help but splurge on slightly more than a metre. If the bolt leaves a remainder of less than 1m, they may refuse to cut the amount you requested. This is why I end up with slightly more than a metre of Liberty! If you are also interested in getting some Paris-themed fabric such as the iconic Eiffel, they have a corner just for that. They come in jersey, silk/chiffon, and cotton. They also have a wide variety of wedding fabrics such as laces, satins, chiffons etc. Prices are similar to Marché Saint Pierre.

Tissus Reine
3-5, St. Peter’s Square,
75018 Paris

Final stop: Moline and Moline Mercerie (I’m not sure if they are affiliated). Unlike the other two, Moline has many stores along the main fabric street, each specialising in different fabric needs.

2,4,6 rue de Livingstone
75018 Paris

Besides the larger stores, you may like to wander around the main shopping street to check out the smaller shops, especially those with the word coupons on the window. They sell remnants/end of the bolt, with prices and quantity stated. Some allow you to cut the desired quantity, while you have to bring home the entire bundle of 3m or more. Though these remnants are usually cheaper starting from 1.50€, many of the fabrics were sold in Marché St Pierre and Tissus Reine.

As I am still in the midst of unpacking, I have no pictures of my Parisien loots to boast. They will come soon!

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