Tissus en Troyes

Ever since I learned how to sew, fabric shop is one of the first items on my to-find-out list every time I travel. My first overseas purchase was in Muar, Malaysia, which is well known for their fabric shops. Then was Kluang and Hanoi, both of which houses their respective fabric shop and market. This trip to Europe was no exception.

I found quite a number of shops in Berlin, of which I only manage to visit Kumasch. It is owned by a Turkish and the shop owner/assistant does not speak English. I am not very well-versed with the various fabric names and types in German so I tell them apart by the labels on each roll of fabric and touch. You can ask the shop keeper the cost by using the calculator. I didn’t buy anything because nothing catches my eye and the fabrics are really expensive. Taxes on non-food products in Europe are as high as 19% which eventually translate to high retail prices.

Fabric shopping in Troyes is slightly more exciting because it is slightly more affordable and the shop is much larger. There is only one fabric boutique in Troyes, Ellen Décoration. Besides fabric, they also retail upholstery fabrics, trims and such. They have a grand total of 4 shops, each of which is a specialty store of the variety of items they offer. All located near each other. A point to note: the sales assistances do not speak English so please arm yourselves with basic french vocabulary about fabrics!

I was rather disappointed by the selection of dentelle they offer because it looked otherwise on their website. Despite so, they are quite well stocked with a variety of fabrics. After some digging through every single roll and much contemplation, I finally decided on a piece of à la impressionist silk and a high fashion Dior number which was well-hidden in basket full of high fashion fabric at the back of the store. I also bought lots of buttons to add on to my collection. Too pretty to resist!

I hope to check out the fabric district in Paris during my final weekend before I head home. Bonne chance to me!


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