The “I Want to Wear A Red Dress and Twirl at the Eiffel” Dress

The Inspiration
I always wanted a red dress. A red dress that I can twirl in. A red dress that I can twirl in, at the Eiffel! I have the fabric in the perfect shade of red, which has been sitting in my stash for a year, but I lack the motivation to make one. There’s a lot of other dresses to sew! The Red Challenge on Sew Weekly earlier in February was enough for me to break the inertia. Since a twirl-y dress would mean at least a half circle for the skirt, I decided to draft something new for the top.

The Dress
This is my first attempt at drafting and making a toga and I’m quite happy with the fit and construction. I consulted my sewing buddy (she learned the drafting and construction of a toga pattern in class) and the rest is pretty much on my own. I sewed running stitches on the toga slant? to secure it (VERY IMPORTANT!!!) and took in an inch at the pit after trying. The amount to take in depends on your fitting. As toga has only one shoulder, the slant has to fit perfectly so that you will not expose the unnecessary.

The skirt is a half circle derived from “πr”.

The Fabric
I bought the fabric in Kluang at a really good deal, less than RM 10 if I didn’t remember wrongly. When I saw this gorgeous shade of red, I knew I must have it! It is not easy to come buy a shade of red that I really like. I do not like it too bright, neither do I like it too orangey-vermillionish or dull. The fabric is also textured – feels very much like peach skin (both literally and the fabric) –  and is quite weighty. Now I regret not buying more!

Due to a blunder when handling the pattern, I had to cover up a huge gathered mess of fabric at the shoulder seams. I found some lace in my stash and bandaged it. Yes it looks just a tad like a bandage (can’t help it especially when it is white), so I may attach a lace ribbon or fabric flower onto it.

The Blunder
The pattern blunder. Initially, I planned to make a toga, with a more grecian-drapey mini live pleats. In order to do so, I should have cut the pattern into 6 separate parts and arrange them about 2cm apart, instead of making 5 slits. Because of the slits, it gives excess cloth at the top for the pleats. What I should have done is to cut up the pattern.

If you haven’t found out, this week’s theme at Sew Weekly is the Circle Skirt Challenge. Do check out the other twirly creations on Sew Weekly too!

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