Veh hot ah!

The weather has been incredibly unkind in SG: hitting a whopping high of 31degC today. I blame the humidity for making everything unbearable. C’est très chaud et humide! While planning for the subsequent sewing projects, I realized I need to plan for my working wardrobe. For next year this time, I definitely need some teacher-friendly summer clothes. I am not sure if I will embrace the idea of wearing pants. I am not a pants person. Thought it can be convenient, I do not like the idea of suffocating my legs! I think I will wear lots of dresses and skirt-blouse ensemble. Yes I need to continue to work on Project MNS!

For such weather, cotton, french dior (sidoll included) and peach skin are the best materials to work with. They do not need to be lined. If the outer fabric is sheer, material for the lining should be breathable. While most cotton and acetate are ideal, there are some that sticks to your body when it comes in contact with moisture (perspiration in this case).

Here are some of my favourite patterns:

  • Multi-pattern shift dress. Shift dresses are must haves! They are basic and easy to wear.
  • Anda from Burdastyle. This is one of the most versatile pattern, in both fitted and loose versions. The best part of the pattern is the dropped sleeves – you save a step of drawing and attaching the sleeves, yet you can still cover a wee bit of the arms. I have redrawn Anda in my own measurements to suit my Asian fit.
  • Parisienne from Burdastyle. This is another pattern with very clean lines, and goes well with both solids or patterned prints. I am going to try this pattern soon!
  • Sorbetto from Colette. This is a basic with a twist. You can manipulate the design and add decoratives easily. Mena from SewWeekly has made 7 varied pieces over 7 days. If you have a bodice block, you can turn it into Sorbetto easily.
  • B.A.T from Project X. Another of my favourite shape – a basic U-neck bodice with a rectangle skirt – works best with prints!

Burdastyle has also consolidated a post of dresses for the summer. I’m definitely drawing some inspirations from there. It will be a slow-and-steady-on-going project. Let’s see how it all works out!

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