In The Mood for Cheongsam

The boyf surprised me with a trip to the National Museum for “In The Mood for Cheongsam” exhibition! You cannot imagine my excitement! This exhibition showcases quite a variety of cheongsams from the 1920s-present, among which includes pieces worn by ‘powerful’ women in Singapore. It is very inspiring and informative on the evolution of the traditional Chinese dress over the decades in our hometown.

Cheongsams from the early days

It’s all in the details!

Lace and georgette

A few of my favourites: funky prints, floral, polka dots, and lace.  The lace number is by Tan Yoong!

Zip detailing by Alexander McQueen

To quote a friend, “I feel zip does not do justice to a cheongsam. It took the ‘delicate-ness’ out of what cheongsams are suppose to represent. Full marks for innovation though.” I do agree with her but it also daunt upon me that cheongsams have evolved and reflect the society too: today’s women are not as delicate any more! In the past, the XX chromosomes were expected to be gentle, feminine, ‘delicate’ … and cheongsams were meant to bring every bit of these qualities.

After touring the exhibition, there is an activity corner designed for the little ones. There is a section on various types of fabrics used (I passed the quiz!), another where kids can trace and colour traditional chinese motifs and finally a model where you can unleash your creativity by styling it.

Here’s what I’ve styled. She’s just short of a pair of pearl earrings.
The other pairs available doesn’t suit the look I have in mind! 

I was very overwhelmed and a little distracted by every single piece featured. I should be making another trip down to be inspired once again!

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