The “Mad-about lace-Men” Blouse

MadMen was featured on Sew Weekly 2 weeks ago. Truth to be told, I haven’t really sat down and watch the drama in its entirety but I know I love almost every single dress from the show. School was mad busy that week – I spent most of my time finishing tons of readings for a 4000-word literature review – yet I was very much distracted by the theme!

The Inspiration
While compiling a list of favourite MadMen outfits in between my reading breaks, I chanced upon the MadMen Collection by Banana Republic. THEY ARE TO DIE FOR!!! It has a slightly modern take on the 60s fashion. I would love to own every single piece! I finally decided on this lace number because it screams me. It’s LACE and I just happened to have enough lace in my stash. One brownie point for using up fabrics from the stash 🙂

The Blouse
The pattern is modified from my bodice block with minimal allowance. It got to be the most fitting blouse I’ve ever made. I usually add about 1-1.5cm of allowance at the waist. I also cut in about 3cm at the sleeves.

If you want the blouse to be fitting and your body is heavier at the top, you may want to include the bust darts, or transfer them to the waist, for a better fit. If not, there may be pulling at the sides.

The Fabric
The blouse is made of japanese lace from my usual local store at Chinatown. It is a little on the expensive side, SGD 16/yard, but really sturdy lace. Sturdy because it doesn’t slip (it’s the satin lining that slipped like mad), doesn’t stretch, and very crisp to cut. It would be a little more perfect if the the floral motifs are denser, like the original BR piece.

The lining is also from the stash (another brownie point!), which I bought from Muar 2 years back. It feels sturdier than the usual satin lining but less flimsy than duchess.

Other than the lace and MadMen inspiration behind the designs, I really love the oriental button attached at the back. Initially, I intended to use a zipper at the back of the blouse, but it didn’t work out. The neck opening was too small for me to zip downwards and I will not be able to squeeze into the blouse if I zip upwards. So I joined my back pieces and made an opening big enough for my head to get through. I wanted to combine both my favourite things together – the lace, and pearls – but couldn’t find a pretty pearl button and settled on a lilac oriental instead (another of my favourite!).

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