The “Orphan Girl” Dress

Here’s the newest additional to my already bursting wardrobe! I intended to make this dress for the week of MTL but was distracted by my cheongsam. Then it fell under the category of UFOs but lo and behold, the Singer decided to give way! Called the repairman, he fixed it but warned me that it wouldn’t last long. How true! After almost a month of hiatus (I haven’t touched the machine since the repairman came), the Singer gave way again! Either that or he didn’t do a good job. Ha!

The Inspiration
The dress is inspired by the orphan girl dress from Coco avant Chanel, thus the name. It also resembles the Sing Me a Song Dress from MTL. I always feel inspired each time after I watch the movie. The clothes are so simple yet speak a lot. The Orphan Girl and the black lace dress which Chanel wore to the dance party are two of my favourites. Both coincidentally black.

Similar designs have appeared on ASOS as well.

The Dress
I reused the pattern from “Little Floral Dress” (which happened to fall under UFOs last year!), but took in a couple of inches in at the waist. Though it is still a tad too loose, I’m actually loving the extra space. Perfect for days when I need something easy to wear (like today) or when I feel fat! I may take in another couple of inches and attach a zipper for a more fitted shift dress instead the next time I reuse the pattern.

Bone lace collar

The Fabric
The collar is made from boned lace for some detailing while the dress is made from German Sidoll which ended in my stash by mistake. I placed an order for black French Dior but I guessed the boss cut it from the German bolt because both fabrics are really similar in texture and the drape. Both are equally comfortable and smooth to wear but not so friendly for the seamstress. Yes it’s slippery to work on and can fray quite a bit but I foresee more French Dior pieces coming up! Too comfortable to resist!

(Movie image from google)

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