Just as I was about to complete a dress for next week’s Sew Weekly and get it ready by Saturday so that I have a new dress to wear for a date can have the photographs taken, my Singer decides to fail on me! The bobbin case popped out, and I can’t seem to put it back in.


Update 8/2/12

It’s official: time for a new machine!


7 thoughts on “ARGH!!!

  1. Sahina says:

    Do you have a Singer 9005 (yours looks looks an awful lot like mine)? Because that happens to me all the time where the bobbin case pops out. I can’t really give you an explanation how but you have to fiddle around and do a weird combo-slide into the machine. Love your blog btw 🙂

    • hunnyxpot says:

      Mine’s a 9020 (I think), a really old model. The repairman came and fixed the case but he said it will not last long. Time for a new machine!! Thank you Sahina! Hope you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂

  2. monica says:

    I know this post is kinda old but I was wondering if you fixed the bobbin case. I was given a 9005 and cant get the case to go in.

    • YX says:

      Hi Monica, unfortunately not. The serviceman from Singer came and managed to put it back but it didnt last long. Repair fees were also not worth it. Hope you can get it fixed!

      • Monica says:

        I figured out the issue with the case (wow, I feel silly lol) but the bobbins that i had were too tall (I had hoped it would use the same bobbin as my other machine) and the thread would not loop over it and kept getting caught and making a HUGE mess. So i found out the Singer site says it uses something 66 bobbins or whatever, so i bought those. They fit so tightly that it wont turn and release the thread, argh is right! So frustrated! What bobbins do you use? lol

      • YX says:

        Yay! Haha i did have many argh moments with this particular machine. And I totally feel you. I am not sure about the size but the local stores here sell 2 sizes: a taller and a shorter version. The shorter ones are for bobbins that are inserted at the top. I use the plastic kind.

      • Monica says:

        Well.. I figured it out, kind of a “slap your forehead” moment I guess. I bought the prethreaded bobbin because that was all they had. It had too much thread on it and made it fit too tight in the bobbin, so I just pulled a bunch of thread off of it and now it fits great! Oh well, lol. Was that machine worth the trouble. It seems to be a much nicer machine than my other White machine.

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