Hello February!

It’s been one month into 2012 and I’m settling well in new routines. Settled down because it was quite a huge mess when the semester began. Everything is going on a full swing in school, assignments are piling up and deadlines looming. CNY is halfway there. My family usually gets all the visiting down on the first day. I’m looking forward to the last day of CNY because it’s also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day!

Looking Back 2011

2011 has been a rather fruitful year, sewingly (if there’s even such a word). My sewing journey was aptly summarised in this post:

  1. 4 projects of my Intermediate course (cheongsam, maxi dress, trousers and a kate middleton-inspired lace dress). Other than the cheongsam, the rest were yet to be featured for various reasons. I will try to snap a few shots.
  2. made 8 dress/skirts for Project X
  3. 2 skirts for Project MNS. I’m terribly lagging behind in this because I was busy with preparation and packing/unpacking for my Nepal trip. That said, I am extending this project, because I need the skirts!

As for my 2011 resolutions:

#1 Finish drawing all patterns from Beginners and Intermediate classes
I did finish all patterns from Beginners classes but so so so reluctant to complete the rest from the Intermediate classes: PJs, children’s’ wear and stuff.

#2 Buy less fabric and use up the stash in the black box
Buy less, yes. Use up, not quite. I am hoarding A LOT. Other than the French Dior and loots from Hanoi, my collection of fabric has not expanded. That’s rather incredible!

#3 Make full use of scrap cloths by making more tissue and other pouches
Not at all! Scraps are growing by each projects.

#4 Keep my workstation neat and tidy
Not quite sure if I keep it neat and tidy but I tidied my workstation a number of times and I can find all my stuff!

#5 Be daring and welcome opportunities to practise my dressmaking skills
No opportunities as of now.

#6 Be more diligent to finish up semi-completed projects. I tend to take my own sweet time to finish each project or have very long breaks in between.
All but one uncompleted projects cleared!!!

Sewing Resolution 2012

As mentioned in one of my previous post, I signed up to be a contributor of Sew Weekly 2012! Disclaimer of my contributions: I will only follow themes that inspires, do not require purchase of new fabric as much as possible and whenever time allows. As much as I would like to sew weekly, I will only do so if time allows amidst school work. School is still my priority. I will be graduating in a year’s time and there’s just so much to be completed! With that, I only have two simple resolutions:

#1 Sew as much as I can, as neatly as I can

#2 Continue to buy less fabric and use up the stash

Keep on sewing!

Till the next post!

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