The “In The Mood for Cheongsam” Dress

Happy Chinese New Year!!! This year, I dared myself to defy tradition (of wearing red, pink, gold or any other bright colours) and made myself a black and white cheongsam for the new year.

The Inspiration
In The Mood for Love” is such an inspiration for cheongsams. It features a grand total of 20 cheongsams in the show. Though the plot is set to be in the 60’s, the cheongsams are not old fashioned at all. In fact they are all very modern in the selection of fabrics and prints.

The Dress
I reused the bodice for my Tulip Cheongsam last year and extended the bottom with an A-line. It is crucial to make muslin before cutting the actual fabric, especially if you have a ‘troublesome’ body like me. I have a deep back arch which creates excessive folds if I didn’t shorten my back bodice. Cheongsam is a fitting dress and you have to make sure that it fits perfectly.

The Fabric
Etsy is my source of fabrics with contemporary and edgy prints. I was so so so glad to have found Plaid by Kathy Hall’s Coffee Buzz collection. It’s almost the exact same prints as the original!!!


I noticed the use of crochet floral trim and managed to find matching black ones in my stash. Instead of outlining both the collar the and curve, I chose the latter and added black piping to the collar and arm hole. The opening of the collar is also attached with eye and hook and the rest of the dress secured with a invisible zip at the back.

I am really happy how this dress fits me perfectly. I’m so going to make more cheongsams!

(Images from various sources)


10 thoughts on “The “In The Mood for Cheongsam” Dress

  1. swoosh says:

    It looks absolutely great! You’ve almost convinced me to try to make one for myself, although I’m not sure how this style would fit in London.

    In any case, it is awesome and it fits you perfectly.

    • hunnyxpot says:

      Thanks Swoosh! Go make one for yourself! Cheongsam is one of my favourite dresses! Hmmm. With the choice of right fabric and prints, it will work perfectly well as a work or casual dress. You may like to try floral or quirky or contemporary prints. Plain colours with contrasting piping works as well. Have fun! Share pictures if you make one cheongsam for yourself!

      • laura says:

        I’ve actually see a pretty nice stylized version in the Burda for Feb, but I think I’ll try the pattern you linked to from Sew Weekly first, it looks much easier than what Burda has: – I was reading the instructions from the magazine yesterday and they were not easy to decipher! I just need to print the other pattern 🙂

        I thought about just doing the upper part (like a blouse) first, since I think I have just enough of some red fabric that I bought last year for it. I’ll do my best and report back!

        PS My computer seems to have gone crazy and changed my screen name back to Swoosh again. Sorry about that – I shall henceforth sign as Laura 🙂

      • hunnyxpot says:

        That’s a pretty one Laura! I assume that it works like a cheongsam with two front pieces, except that the curve runs all the way to the side and down. Please let me know how well the pattern works, or not! I am looking forward to see your creation. Have fun!

        Oh red! I’ve been wanting to make a red cheongsam. I’ll share mine when I find a suitable fabric 🙂

    • hunnyxpot says:

      Merci! You can try looking for and using such prints from Etsy. Mine’s just cotton. I’m sure they will be gorgous! Love your cheongsams too. Thanks for sharing!

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