Goodbye 2011;

2011 has not been an incredible year but I still thank God for leading me through. I had my fair share the lousy stuff but there are still many blessings to be thankful for!

I thank God for:
#1 Blessing my family and loved ones with good health
#2 Preserving the boyf and I through another mighty year. It’s unbelievable how we got this far!
#3 My secret lover and pleasure people. Life would be so much less pleasurable without them!
#4 Making NePaul 2011 possible! I still can’t believe I went and made it back alive :p
#5 Two other escapade to Hanoi and Kluang.
#6 Leading me through yet another two semesters with good-enough results
#7 Being able to sew!! I completed 4 projects of my Intermediate course, made 8 dress/skirts for Project X, 2 skirts for Project MNS (more skirts to come!).
#8 New addition to my sewing accomplice: the serger!
#9 Providing me with piano students
#10 Letting me befriend a dog!


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