The Blair Skirt

The Inspiration: Blair Waldorf’s Schoolgirl Skirt


I went crazy over the colour navy blue so it has to be the first additional to my wardrobe! The first thing that came to mind about blue/navy skirts is the preppy look which I think it’s cute, but I don’t want something that resembles too much like the school uniform (we have lots of school in Singapore with navy blue skirts as their uniform!!!). I want something really simple, yet edgy so Blair’s skirt fits the bill! Though I am not a huge fan of Gossip Girl (in terms of the scandalous plot and all), I have to admit that I followed three and a half seasons solely for fashion sake.

The Skirt: I figured out that it is a simple gathered skirt with an attached sash at the waistband
Fabric: Cotton mix (which frays like there’s no tomorrow!! ARGH!!!) from local store

I could have:

  • Used a glossier and sturdier fabric
  • Used a flared skirt pattern, instead of the rectangle (lazy me!)
  • Take in another 2cm or so on each side. It’s a tad loose.

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