The Little White Dress

Recently, I made a purchase of a blue bag from Agneselle. I was dying to match it with a white dress but couldn’t find one in my wardrobe. I couldn’t believe that I do not have a white dress!! How can it be?!!? Then I remembered the piece of embroidered white cotton which saves me a trip to Chinatown and further damage to my bank account. I also made use of the super pattern and hey, it saves me a lot of time! Then again, it could be because it was a very simple dress: princess cut with a wee bit of flare in the skirt. Nothing fanciful about it.

The fabric was very sheer (I suspect that it’s actually cotton voile) and I definitely need to line the dress. I tried using a different method to attach the lining. I made two “dresses”: one from the white cotton, one from the lining and attached them together at the neckline. It was slightly more time-consuming as I had to fix 3 panels on each of the front piece, but it definitely looked neater on the inside!

I planned to finish and wear it for my virgin Indian wedding experience last week, but found out that white is their funeral colour. Better to be safe than sorry! So here’s me in my little white dress at the 20th World Orchid Conference.

Fabric: Cotton from Hanoi (gifted!), acetate lining (SGD2.50/m)
Notions: Bias tape (SGD 1) and invisible zips
First worn: To a WOF
Wear again? Definitely!

Total Cost: SGD 5


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