My Next Skirt

Self-declared holidays have begun!! That spells sewing time!! It feels really horrible not being about to sew for the past 13 weeks and I’m so glad this crazy semester is over. Next semester will be even crazier but heck, it’s time to recuperate! I have approximately 6 available weeks to sew so I need to maximise my time. The plan is to sew as many skirts as I can – at least 6 – as I realised that I don’t have a decent plain basic skirt. How can that be??!? Anyways, I figured out that I need to add the following to my wardrobe:

#1 Plain white skirt. The only white skirt I have is a half circle skirt, with some floral motifs

#2 Plain Black skirt. I have a laced one from Project X.

#3 Paper bag skirt

#4 Less formal brown skirt

#5 Navy blue skirt

#6 Some floral additions, I cannot help it.

#7 Some (bright) solid colours if time permits

As much as I would love to have a new design for each skirt, or at least some variations, there will be some designs that I’ll repeat. Right now, I can think of the rectangle and tulip skirt. So stay tuned!

P.S. Project MNS will commence next week because holidays do not start till then and I’m currently finishing a white dress.


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