Ideas shopping;

I like to marry designs to my fabrics so that I know I will make this dress with this cloth one day. This is especially important when I am hoarding 2 ikea boxes full of cloth. Each piece of fabric takes a queue number, waiting for the magic dust from the fairy godmother to turn them into wearable pieces. The bad news is that this queue number system is not fair. Some cut the queue and the queue gets longer and longer and longer. Ever since I picked up dress-making, my stash of fabrics has been increasing at an alarming rate. I started off buying from local stalls, moved on to Etsy (where I went crazy), and eventually expandded my spending power overseas. Most of the fabrics I bought from Etsy were meant for a few sets of cheongsam when I was in my cheongsam craze. One was used to make Breakfast at Tiffany’s Dress. Those I bought from Muar last year and Kluang in June were untouched. Needless to say, those from Hanoi too, except for one piece of silk chiffon for the L’zzie Dress. The sewing class also went crazy over French Dior, which I have at least 2 yards in 6 colours.

I have yet to include fabrics that are gifted by friends. One of the most recent ones was a good 3 yards of Chanel-tweed-ish fabric and white cotton with embroidery. Oh bless me! These fabrics are enough to last me a lifetime!

I intend to make a very simple basic shift dress with this. Maybe with some pleats at the neckline.

Anyway, I was tired of doing school work and went ideas shopping on ASOS. Here’s a summary of what I like.

Sexayye cut-outs but I wouldn’t really bother to make









Basic shift dresses with a twist. The first dress that I made was a shift dress in princess cutting. Very easy to wear and I love the absence of joining at the waist which slice across your tummy. Nuff said, make more shift dresses!

Dresses in solid colours

I noticed quite a number of outstanding colours: detailing, contrasting colours etc.


Simple basic design with nice interesting print

Last but not least, I scouted two dress shapes that I really love. Skater dress and fit-and-flare. Yes they are pretty much similar.


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