Project #5.1 – Little Miss Lace

I began working on my fifth project for the Intermediate course last week. Drafted the pattern last lesson and bought THE black lace today, finally. It was my most difficult buy ever! Between last lesson and today, I have combed the entire Arab Street, TY and Chinatown in search for the perfect black lace. To cut the long story short, laces are not cheap at all, at least for the decent quality laces. Those from Arab Street were very very pretty but way off my budget. The boyf didn’t like those from TY. He says the flowers look like spiders. I don’t have photos to show but imagine a large flower with those twirly wirly, quasi spider legs. That leaves me with Chinatown. “Die-die must buy” before class if not I have nothing to work with in class today! It was another long story at Chinatown but I finally settled on this piece of French lace:

Pretty, isn’t it?

I am really picky about laces because not all of them are nice. Some are dense, some are sparse (in terms of the arrangement of the motifs). Some have large flowers, others have small ones. The floral motifs are different too. The nice ones are usually expensive but I don’t want to settle on a cheap, ugly piece. Not easy to find a balance and meet all my requirements.

See what I mean?

Enough of my lacey storey. I am very excited about this project (when am I not?) because

#1 I’m using lace. Black lace, which is my favourite.
#2 It’s a Duchess-of-Cambridge’s-Wedding-Dress inspired number! Sans the long sleeves and length. It will be knee length, with dropped cap-sleeve.

Given my hectic school schedule, I really hope to complete it by end of the year for an event.

I was reading through my blog and realised there has been no updates of my previous two projects. Project #3 and #4 are long completed but I have yet to have opportunities to wear them out. Photos update soon, I hope!


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