Mustard Sorbetto;

I happened to chance upon Sorbetto on Colette’s pattern while looking for easy tops for a sewing party earlier this year. It didn’t materialise during the party as we didn’t have enough time. Just last week, Mena from Sew Weekly started a 7 Days of Sorbetto which inspired me to make my own.

I did not download the free pattern on Colette but drafted my own instead. For those who are familiar with drafting, Sorbetto is essentially a basic top with a box pleat down the centre line. Decide how wide you want the pleat to be, add that amount to the center front of your bodice block. I also lowered the neckline, cut in at the arm hole and adopted a slightly looser fit of the top.

(Photo credits to Colette)

My Sorbetto is made out of French Dior. I have no idea what it is. The boss also couldn’t tell exactly what type of fabric it is. It feels and looks like matt satin, but heavier and thicker. Who cares what it is as long as it looks nice and is comfortable to wear! One thing I note while sewing is that French Dior frays rather easily. Cut the fabric with a pair of pinking sheares if you have one, or you have to be extra careful with it.

Sorbetto is such an easy top to make, very easy to wear too!

Even though this top is not one of my projects from Project X, I would still list down the details à la Sew Weekly.
Fabric: French Dior (SGD5/metre)
Notions: Bias tape (SGD 1) and rose button (SGD 0.50 ea))
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: Aug 2011 to school
Wear again? It’s my basic top!

Total Cost: SGD 7


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