Post Project X;

As the holidays come to an end, it marks the closure of Project X. I have learned a great deal, both about sewing and myself and here are some of my afterthoughts:

1. Out of the 12 available weeks, I have made 8 with 3 unfinished projects.
2. It was a challenge to juggle social life and staying at home to sew. Haha
3. I do not have a serger and this disrupts the momentum to sew. French seaming helps a great deal, but it doesn’t work all the time.
4. The length of the majong paper is the average length I want for my dresses. YAY!
5. My favourite project is Little Floral Dress
6. Always tag when working with slippery cloths!!
7. Cotton is a sewer’s best friend
8. I have been sewing with floral/printed cloths. Time to embrace the solids.
9. I can afford to be a better walking clothes hanger
10. Continue sewing!!

Now that school is starting, I hope that I still have time to sew new clothes (for CNY 2012 and a couple of weddings this year), and to finish up what I planned before my break:

#1 Have a good (sewing) break
#2 Finish Project #3: blind stitching the rest of the dress Project completed but dress doesn’t fit. Something went wrong somewhere. I’ll go figure it out.
#3 Finish Project #6: buy bias tape and sew on the other sleeves, French seam both sides of the bodice Project aborted. Beach wear looks like german measles 😦
#4 Finish Project #7: Tidy up the hem of the most gorgeous lace skirt

Till the next post!


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