“Black Beauty” Skirt

Project #7 is finally completed!! Boy, this is one difficult skirt. The pattern is a very straightforward half-circle skirt (you can figure out the pattern by doing some simple math) and the construction was (supposed to be) easy. Nightmare didn’t come until I had to tidy up the hem: it was not aligned/balanced. I attempted to trim it but it became worse. It doesn’t help when the lace-like material is slightly stretchy and satin is slippery by nature. After leaving in my stash for a few weeks, I finally sent it to A&E: consult my teacher!

First she trimmed the black lace (I trimmed both the lining and lace together as I planned to bias tape the hem). Then I had a thought, should I make the lining longer or shorter than the lace. After I neatened the black piece, I made the entire class vote :p The response didn’t help much: 50-50. Since I can shortened it if I don’t fancy the longer version, I decided to leave the lining hanging out. Then came another problem, the “extra” lining at the side seams was only 2cm long, while I have about 5cm worth at the centre of the skirt. We took advantage of the imbalance and voila! Not the perfect skirt and what I planned to sew initially, but I am loving this incidental piece more! 🙂

Oh and nope, the skirt don’t fit in to any themes from Sew Weekly.

Fabric: Black lace-like material (SGD$15?/yard. I can’t remember how much I bought it), champagne pink satin lining (SGD$5/yard), and rose silk from stash
Notions: Invisible zipper, 2 pairs of hook and eye
Time to complete: 7 hours (including teacher’s help)
First worn: July 2011
Wear again? It’s my favourite black skirt!

Total Cost: SGD 21

Lesson learned: handle slippery fabric such as satin with much care. It probably slipped when I was sewing, hence the unaligned hem.


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