Project #4.1

For the intermediate course at Kadomay, it covers 6 pieces of garments. The first three were dresses and I thought it’s practical to save a slot for trousers and another for jacket. So for Project #4, a pair of pants it shall be!

Initially I planned to make a pair of pants in mustard colour but I couldn’t find the perfect shade that complements my skin tone. Then I discovered this very beautiful shade of nude pink mulpa. I knew I just got to have it (though I was distracted by a teh (tea with milk) coloured one)! Fabric, checked.

Now, what kind of pants/shorts/culottes should I make??!? This is often the most frustrating part of dressmaking: I need to find/think of THE design. Two things, that are not helping me:
1. I am not a long pants/jeans person but it’s more practical to learn making that than a pair of shorts
2. I know I want pleats (box/inverted) on my pants, slightly tapered towards the ankle and maybe a bow design somewhere somehow, but I just cannot picture the final product.

Then I remembered eyeing on Chloé’s pants a few weeks back and telling myself that I will have a pair one day (if it ever fits my body shape). So I googled and here are some of my favourites:

Chloé Spring 2009

Chloé Fall 2010

Harem pants from See by Chloé

I have short listed the linen-looking pants from Chloé Fall 2010 and the one from See by Chloé. I have time till Monday to decide.

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