Chợ Hôm

Having heard so much about the price of fabric in Hanoi, I finally had the chance to visit the Chợ Hôm in June. Though it is more commonly known as the fabric market in Hanoi, it also has a fairly large wet market at the first floor. Shopping at Chợ Hôm is insane: everything (including chiffon, jersey and stin) starts from SGD3!!!! You don’t have to think much about the yardage when you buy. The only difficulty I had was with the width. I am so used to inches while they calculate in metres. Almost all the fabrics are 60″ wide and above.

Unlike fabric shopping in Singapore, all the fabrics are folded very neatly and piled on top of each other. Though it is rather troublesome to view and feel the fabrics, the stall owners are rather friendly, so you just have to tell him which ones you want to see and they will gladly take it down for you.

Since it is the summer in Hanoi, the stalls are quite well stocked with summer fabrics, mostly cotton and chiffon, t-shirt material and such. They have lots of floral prints too! And yup, here’s all my loots! 🙂

What I like about Chợ Hôm:
1. The price!!!
2. The variety of prints they have (as I don’t see them in Singapore)
3. Friendly service (some, not all)

What I don’t like about Chợ Hôm:
1. It is tightly packed place with limited walking space
2. It can be quite warm
3. The fabrics are kinda dirty – very dusty kind of dirty

I would love to visit Hanoi again, just to shop at Chợ Hôm!


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