“Mary Had a Little Lamb” Skirt

The June holidays had begun (read: lots of activities lined up) so I wanted to make something really easy and simple for Week #5. The most fuss-free method of an easy and quick project was to make a simple skirt, which I did (even though it wasn’t the simplest skirt you can make). I reused the tulip skirt pattern from my cheongsam, and combined it with the cutest fabric that you can ever find! Initially, I planned re-create something like the H&M skirt but decided to forgo the sash as I want to finish the skirt asap (Alright, I admit that I was rushing it out for a date). I am mightily pleased with how the skirt turns out: the length, fabric, and prints are just so perfect for the unbearable summer! “Mary Had a Little Lamb” just got to be the cutest outfit in my wardrobe!

This skirt scores 15 points! according to the theme “Stash Busting” for the week of February 7th.
– Used almost a yard of fabric: 5 points
– Using a pattern/fabric you’ve had for more than a year: 10 points

Fabric:Japanese cotton from local store (SGD$8/yard, used less than 1 yard).
Notions: Zipper, eye and hook, and matching thread
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: May 2011 (to the museum)
Wear again? Definitely! Especially in this hot weather

Total Cost: SGD 9


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