Tutorial: The Rectangle Skirt

The rectangle skirt is probably the easiest to make because it involves zero drafting! The name derives from the shape of the piece of fabric that is used to make the skirt. Most rectangle skirts have gathers, and are sometimes referred to as ‘the gathered skirt’. Technically speaking, ‘gathered skirt’ is not a type of skirt because gathers can be added onto almost any skirt.

1. To make a rectangle skirt, begin by measuring your waist (the narrowest part of the torso) or where you want your skirt to sit on. Multiply the value by 1.5, and add 3cm for seam allowance. This is length of the rectangle*.

*To make things simpler, I used the width of the fabric, ~ 44″, to form the length of the rectangle.

2. Decide how long you want your skirt to be. Add 1cm to the top and 2.5 cm to the bottom. These are the seam allowances. Length skirt + seam allowances = breadth of the rectangle.

The rectangle should look like this:

3. Cut out two of this rectangle and overlock the exposed seams. (Default step)

4. Sew 2 running stitches along the waistline. Pull the thread to make gathers. The final “length” of the skirt should be your waist measurement.

5. Attach zippers and tidy up the skirt head. You can either finish the skirt head by sewing a bias tape or attaching a skirt band.

6. Double fold the excess from hem line and top stitch.

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