Slow and steady;

Ever since school started in January, I haven’t had time to sit down for a good solid hour and sew to my heart’s content. I don’t even have time to finish a way way WWWAAAYYYYY overdue dress for Ekk. School is insane. 7mods, 21 credits, 25 hrs spent each week but I know I will survive! It is supposed to be the recess week, which is meant for recharging, recuperation and catching up, BUT there are still tutorials, consultations, practice, rehearsals and another million and one things to complete. Amidst study breaks, I have been good – diligently copying and drawing the patterns from my Beginners course. A lot of concepts are much clearer now. YAY!

Here are some things I hope to complete in between essays, lesson plans and more readings:
1. Scout for a serger! Mustafa is selling a particular model from Brothers for $400+
2. Finish Ekk’s dress
3. Finish Anda


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