The Tulip Cheongsam;

After manymany weeks of hardwork and last minute sewing (I stayed up till 1am to complete this dress), the cheongsam is finally done!

I am a HUGE fan of cheongsam. People used to shun away from cheongsam as they often associate it with the waitress’s uniform. Some avoid wearing it because it hugs the body. However, cheongsam has make a comeback over the recent years. I like the fact that it is the Chinese traditional costume. A well-tailored set should accentuate the assets and conceal the imperfections. Designs are also not restricted to the traditional ones anymore.

For my first hand-sewn cheongsam, I choose to use tulip sleeves and a tulip skirt instead of the traditional straight cut with slits. I have also installed exposed zip at the back.

Oh and I need to make special mention of the fabric used: Japanese linen with France postcards and stamps all over!!! It is the most expensive piece of fabric I ever purchased. I figured out that it was the unique prints that made me lay my hands on it!

Fly me to Paris!


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