The Tulip Skirt;

I think I have found the perfect structured skirt for me: the tulip skirt. As I am slightly heavier at the bottom, pencil skirt is a big nono and am biased towards flared skirts. I was a little apprehensive when I decided to use a tulip skirt as the bottom of my cheongsam. Poofy skirt and heavy bottom should never ever go together. However, they were still pretty hard to resist! I am quite very happy about how it turned out.

Inspiration: Philip Lim 3.1 sans the high waist and waist tie
I spent and am still spending the first few weeks of 2011 working on this cheongsam. Just attached the collar so hopefully it will be completed soon, like really soon!

So what is a tulip skirt?
It is a skirt that looks like an inverted tulip, hence the name. It is slightly poofy at the hip area and tapered at the hem.

“A tulip skirt looks best on those with small to medium frames, however, larger women can wear this skirt because of its hip concealing abilities…Another great thing about a tulip skirt is that is able to mask lower belly bulge as well. This is a very common place for women to hold their weight, especially common in those with the larger hip and behind areas. As with the hip-concealing abilities, make sure that the style is not tight in the stomach area unless you will adding to the focal point being your stomach.” (Tulipskirt, n.d)

Have fun experimenting!


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