Of lace and floppy fabric;

I’m so in love with the dress for Grosgrain’s Frock by Friday for October! It shall be my Project #1 for holidays!


2 thoughts on “Of lace and floppy fabric;

  1. xxongal says:

    I wanna try this too but it might be too hard for me. Maybe I will try making the anda dress from grosgrain 🙂 holidays!!! I wanna sew! I sew a pouch for a friend’s birthday last weekend and it was good man. Though it was just a pouch that I sew

    • hunnyxpot says:

      Anda looks good too! YES I’M TOTALLY WAITING FOR THE HOLIDAYS FOR MORE SEWING, I hope. Nothing beats handmade gifts. The sense of satisfaction after completion, and esp when the receiver loves it, is just pricelss

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