I made a detour to Arab Street while waiting for my loveliest sisters last evening. It isn’t the smartest choice because Arab Street = (window) cloth shopping = tempted to buy more. Anyways, I found a whole roll of duchess satin in the most gorgeous shade of champagne and have been thinking about what I can do with it the entire night. When I got home, I consulted my best friend and here are some of the ideas I got:

1. Tulle rosette at the hem
2. Flowy chiffon bottom on Dennis Basso One-Shoulder Dress
3. Something as simple as Kate Spade’s Disco Ball Dyan dress
4. A gathered puffy skirt with a fitted bodice for a dress
5. Layered fold-in hem like Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label
6. Peek-a-boo chiffon hem like John Lewis Taffetta Bow Bridesmaid’s Dress’s

Looks like I’m moving away from the sweet pastel/dusty pink phase and moving back to metallic, gold-ish champagne.


2 thoughts on “Champagne;

    • hunnyxpot says:

      I haven’t been writing much. It’s full of either dust or sewing stuff. Life gets boring as you grow older :p
      I want to, and hope to! That’s a lil secret dream that I have since young. Hopefully my skills will be up to standard by then!

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