Little Black Dress;

Finally, I went for my sewing class 2 days ago after an almost 2-week hiatus. That meant that I am $650 poorer! Another $650 poorer sooooooon. As I was drafting, I gathered thoughts and ideas of what to make for my intermediate course. I really want to make an LBD in class but it is so difficult to think of a deisgn!! My style is generally along the lines of “basic with a twist” and I am trying very hard to brainstorm on that twist for my LBD. In essence, an LBD should be classic yet I do not want it so plain.

I love Audrey’s gown in Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Hubert de Givenchy and Blair’s Milly Black Rhinestone Dress. Simple design with a unique cutting at the shoulder and rhinstone neckline respectively. BUT HOW DO I TWEEK THEM TO BE MORE CASUAL? The bling is not exactly suitable for everyday wear. I thought of adding lace (think: sexy back) yet I do not want to complicate the design. It’s either I go for classic and forgo the twist or vice versa. 好多要求,真麻烦!


I’m considering lace/chiffon, tulip bottoms and drawing ideas from Chanel and Victoria Beckham’s collection.


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