I fell in love with the cutesy heart poplin the very first time I saw it at Spotlight. Yes, 一见钟情!Yet it look me a few more looks before I finally succumbed to the its beauty despite the price. Whipped it into a slightly more flare A-line, cut out the fabric, sent it for overlocking and finally completed it last night! Still having problems with the hips portion (read: unfortunately large hips D:) but still pleased with the final look (:


5 thoughts on “Iheartyou;

  1. xxongal says:

    heys!! sent it for overlocking? what do you mean? you mean can send somewhere to do that? if yes, where and how are the charges? muahahha i just went Arab street today! post the photos of the fabrics soon! 🙂 heee. how much is the heart poplin?

    • hunnyxpot says:

      I either overlock at sewing class or send it to market seamstress. The prices all depends on how many pieces you have: the more the cheaper! The other time I overlock 2 skirts including skirt band only $1.50. Cheapcheap!
      Poplin was ard $10/m(yard). What did you buy!? I just started on my black rose skin circle skirt. Finish using what I have first before I hoard any more bundles. Haha

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