Loots from the Middle East;

Crepe and polyester satin

I hit Arab Street yesterday with the intention of checking out the variety and prices of satin. Duchesse satin and something in between duchesse and normal flimpsy satin to be specific. Look what I end up with! Crepe was love a first sight. It’s in a shade of luxurious cream, perfect for a Chanel-inspired number I have in mind. Polyester satin was a slightly more rationale buy. It feels so lustrous, is the exact shade I was looking for and most importantly very cheap! So heck lah, just buy. Since the polyester satin was so cheap (I can’t emphasize this enough), I went to find out more about it. It did not occur to me that polyester is like the one I studied in Sec 4 Chemistry and simply means non-natural fabric/fibre – polyester vs cotton/linen/silk. I also found out that satin is a type of WEAVE, not fabric which I always thought so. New discovery! I conclude that polyester satin is cheaper because there is a mix of material in the weaving. Since polyester satin is not inferior satin by theory, I just hope that it will serve me well. The quality is there judging by the sense of touch. Please let not my touch fail me and live up to what I call 价廉物美!



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