After 3 months;

The bulk of my June hols is spent at sewing class. It’s an awesome place, really. People there are a genuine and fun bunch. I’m currently working on my last project in the beginner’s course – a princess-cut dress. It’s almost completed, just left with top-stitching the neckline, tidying up the arm hole and sewing a pink sash to go with it! Oh, maybe adding some lace or ruffles at the hem too.

And I’m considering practising my princess cut by making a dress like Victoria Beckham’s with duchess satin at $8/yard, if I can find the cloth in the same shade of purple. How cool is that? So far, I’ve practised making a flare skirt, still in the process of practising an a-line skirt and trying out a half-circle skirt. Once these are completed, I’ll move straight on to the full-circle skirt I promised myself and a lace-ish half-circle/flare skirt!

2 thoughts on “After 3 months;

  1. xxongal says:

    ooh awesome! can’t wait to see more of your completed pieces 🙂 i’ve yet to make any clothes yet, but really looking forward to it soon 🙂 i’ve hooked on sewing already, muahaha. and cloth buying too!!
    let’s go cloth buying together soon ya! :))
    oh! i just went on Tuesday 😀

    • hunnyxpot says:

      Most of the photos I posted are not exaxtly completed, say 95%? Haha. Me too!! I lost interest in buying clothes ever since. My next cloth shopping trip wouldn’t be so soon, I hope. Bought quite a bit lately and I plan to make at least 80% of them first. Need to control!!

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