Of cloth and a blouse;

Cotton and viscose

I made a trip to Chinatown for more (cheap) cloth supplies: cotton to practise flare skirt and viscose for another project. As I was packing my growing collection of cloth, I realised that I need MORE space to store them. The first batch I bought in February was hardly used. In fact I am saving them for future projects in sewing class: dresses, cheongsam and a skirt. There are still a navy polka dot cotton for a dress and orangey floral French cotton for an undecided project. So I either stop buying or start using them!!!

I am currently working on a blouse, nude polyester with black lace embellishments, which I hope to complete by this week. Sewing classes are one of the activities that keep me sane amidst my practicum and teaching. I love doing something I love and picking up a skill at the same time. My student thinks it is cool to be able to make your own clothes too! (:


2 thoughts on “Of cloth and a blouse;

  1. xxongal says:

    i like the cloth you bought!!! 😀 are there like regular shops you go to for the cloth? i’m gonna head down to chinatown soon to get cloth too. i haven’t learnt how to make any clothes yet, sadly, even though my mum knows how to. so far she’s only taught me about taking measurements 😦
    now i’m doing more of like pouches, bags etc :))

    • hunnyxpot says:

      Thanksthanks! Chinatown has quite a wide collection of cloth if you don’t mind going through almost every shop.
      Slow and steady! I’m slowly making pouches too (:

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