Like a rose;

I went cloth shopping two days ago and was so so delighted to learn about the “rose skin”. It is a type of fabric that feels like rose petals! I patronised my usual shop and was looking for satin. The ever helpful owner asked what I was looking for and I told her I wanted something soft like satin but not so flimsy, more structured. While looking at their samples for satin, she brought over rose skin from the other shop. Viola, just what I was looking for!

The design I have in mind is quasi Chanel SS/10 but longer and more flowy: think full circle, slightly above knee. May it be materialised in soon, hopefully in June. I am quite sure I will feel like a rose in a rose skin skirt. Hurhur!


4 thoughts on “Like a rose;

    • hunnyxpot says:

      Hee. I fell in love with the rosette skirt band and just have to turn it into my favourite full circle skirt. *Twirltwirltwirl in my rose skin* Haha!
      It costs me $10/yard, from Japan. Material is really good so I’m happy with the price. Hope the shop brings in more rose skin in other colours/prints. So far they only have it in plain black and navy blue (:

    • hunnyxpot says:

      You’re back on LJ! Yup, when she first told me that it’s called rose skin, I asked her, “Literally 玫瑰皮?” and she went on explaining, or rather promoting it. Haha. Can’t seem to google it though. It feels reallyreally comfy. Show you a fragment of it later (:

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